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Managing Director

The Fund LA

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Hudson Institute of Coaching

Executive Coach

Scribble Press

Founder and CEO

Barber Artists Group


VP Product

McKinsey & Co


Yale Law School


Yale College

BA American Studies

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Entrepreneurs create a better future, and we need a better future now more than ever.

Anna Barber


I look for founders and teams who have an insatiable drive to learn. A learning mindset is probably the single most important quality in an early stage founder. There is a close to zero percent chance that the plan you have today will be the best plan in six months. Therefore, only the people who are willing eager to learn and adapt will succeed. As Brene Brown says, I’m here to get it right, not to be right.

Curiosity has always driven me in career – and life. I don’t believe in the five year plan; instead, I’ve followed my curiosity and am most engaged and alive when I’m on a steep learning curve. I’m not afraid of risk launching a new venture, switching to a new industry, creating the space to travel around the world, talking to a stranger on a plane. What it boils down to is, I’m not afraid to be a beginner and have a beginner’s mindset. M13 is a team of bold thinkers who also embrace uncharted territory and value curiosity and asking the hard questions. There’s no better environment than a place to take risks with the full support and trust of a team around you. That’s what M13 has created.

Entrepreneurs create a better future, and we need a better future now more than ever. LA is home to a creative, diverse community of entrepreneurs and operators who want to make the world better. LA is also a center for innovation in everything from media to biotechnology, from proptech to food. As a tech community, we’re also committed to growing in a way that includes everyone reflected in the work of PledgeLA, which M13 joined and where I’m a founding member of the Advisory Board. M13 embraces purpose-driven innovation and gives it fuel.

Empathy is essential. Empathy is grounded in seeing and feeling things from the point of view of the other. “Become the other person and go from there,” the saying goes. I like to think about empathy as perspective, rather than feeling. It’s about working to turn the lens around so you see things differently, as someone else does. When we are driven by empathy, our interactions become transformative, rather than transactional.

It all comes down to storytelling. Stories are how we understand, influence and connect with each other. The best leaders, teams and brands are master storytellers. And it’s one of the strengths of M13 and woven into everything we do. Helping our founders and brands tell their stories in the most impactful way.


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