Celebrating Women in Tech

Our Los Angeles event drew women working in industries ranging from aerospace to wellness.

Last Updated: May 18, 2020

Published: March 16, 2020


M13 is a different kind of venture. We put our founders first because we know the challenges of startup life: we have founded and operated our own companies, recruited great talent, raised money, scaled fast, and made a lot of hard first-time decisions. We know how thrilling and challenging startups can be.

And lonely too. It’s even more isolating for those traditionally underfunded and underrepresented in entrepreneurship and venture decision-making.

So community and partnerships play a vital part in how we help our startups succeed and how we contribute to the LA ecosystem. We wanted to spend meaningful time with LA’s women in tech so we co-hosted an event with Quilt, an audio social network that has supported women in many cities with real talk.

Image: Ashley Sumner, Co-founder, Quilt

It was an especially exciting time for M13 to reach women in tech: we are brimming with opportunities for outstanding individuals who share our passion for consumer tech companies. Besides the many opportunities within our portfolio companies, we’re currently recruiting for the next founding team to build a business through Launchpad, our venture studio that builds sustainable companies with brands developed by P&G Ventures. Our hope was to introduce ourselves and draw the interest of smart passionate professionals interested in joining our Launchpad, and we were lucky enough to have more than 75 women from the Greater LA region attend.

Image: L to R, Scout Brisson, Christine Choi, Donna Chindamanee

The evening stood out for us at M13 because of the caliber of professionals who made the effort on a Tuesday night to show up and connect with others. They came from sectors as diverse as social media, fashion, transportation, wellness, aerospace, media, and entertainment. Despite the diverse sectors, our guests had one thing in common: a willingness to put themselves out there to build a community. Their generosity with advice, networking, and friendship was evident throughout the evening.

Conversations were as much personal as professional, probably because women tend to wear many hats at home and work and we have outsized responsibilities in both. We were disarmed by our guests’ openness, vulnerability, humor, resilience, courage, creativity, and generosity—qualities of a community we want to be part of!

Our guests also received customized bracelets from MyIntent featuring a word that inspires them.

We’re always looking for vibrant, talented women to join our community, particularly as it applies to our Launchpad programming. If you’re interested or know someone who may be interested in one of our two open co-founder roles for our third cohort (Head of Digital Product, Head of Marketing), please apply or encourage your peers to apply here.

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