A Letter to M13’s Newest Investment Partner

M13 is hiring an investor to join our venture firm’s partnership. Is our mission right for you?
By M13 Partnership

Last Updated: June 22, 2021

Published: March 2, 2021


M13 is looking to add an exceptional investor to our venture firm’s partnership. Learn more and apply below.

Dear New Investment Partner,

In these extraordinary times, some things slowed down and others did not. The acceleration of key consumer behaviors and growth of startups has led to many opportunities for all of us in the industry, and it has also sped up M13’s need to add an investment partner to join our investment team—you. 

M13’s mission is to identify, understand, and invest in the core technologies that will change consumer behavior over the next decade. Our current $190 million fund is focused on seed to Series A investments in consumer tech companies driving future consumer behavior.

On any given day at M13, our portfolio companies are enlisting our partners to apply strategic and execution-focused expertise across their operations. Our founding teams get access to a balance of operating and investing partners who have scaled teams, driven successful growth, and sold high-growth businesses. M13’s proprietary tools that scale our human capital are calibrated to help our portfolio companies both mitigate risk and accelerate early-stage growth. 

We have also been steadfast in building a diverse group of founding teams and a diverse portfolio. We prioritize our community by building relationships with complementary investors and promising founders at the start of their journeys to build something extraordinary. All of this contributes to smarter investing decisions and meaningful support across every stage of our founders’ journeys. We’ve made progress and learned a lot last year, and the opportunities in front of us are limitless.

As both our portfolio and investment opportunities have expanded, we are ready to add to our team by hiring an investor like you, someone with years of investing experience, empathy for the founder experience, energy to build an impactful portfolio of diverse founders, and who is eager to be part of a deeply collaborative partnership like M13’s. 

As our newest investment partner, you’ll access your networks and investment experience for deal sourcing and diligence and to support our portfolio companies at all stages of growth. Here are some of the qualities that make you the ideal M13 investment partner:  

You have a deep intellectual curiosity about consumer markets—and deep network access to the most promising consumer tech startups. Your rich curiosity about the world gives you a clear-eyed path to future needs, innovations, and opportunities. The speed with which consumer behavior is evolving is matched only by your earned knowledge of the consumer tech space and the rigor of your analysis. You care about tracking and investing in the big ideas that can change the way we live. 

You’re a well-regarded investor with a track record of adding value to founding teams. Every interaction with you is one of integrity, empathy, and sharing. You bring a strong following and thought leadership that can add depth and new perspective to our own experiences.

You deeply believe that diversity and inclusion can lead to great returns. We recognize the value of and need for a diverse lead investing team. We’re not where we need to be on this front and are committed to building that with you. As with all of our partners, we support the time you spend actively building relationships with underrepresented entrepreneurs, founders, and investors.

You seek to complement your ambitious and rigorous investment acumen with an operator-focused partnership that helps startups accelerate better outcomes. You’re excited to contribute to a team that values being brighter together.

You have mastered the art of relationship building in a remote/hybrid world. M13 has offices in both LA and NYC, and we’re looking to expand our already deep network. We’re seeking to increase our presence in the Bay Area, and you’re either based there or have strong Bay Area relationships. 

You may already know about our fantastic portfolio of consumer tech companies, track record (over 80 investments, 19 exits since 2015, $137 billion in enterprise value), and our impressive community of talent and investors. You may already be tracking some of our portfolio companies, signed up to our newsletter, and enjoyed our Future Perfect events

What excites you most about M13 is the chance to contribute to a partnership that is working as a team to build a healthy approach to venture and a brighter consumer tech future. 

If you see yourself in this letter, we would love to learn more about you. Please reach out to us directly at talent@m13.co. We look forward to getting to know you.

With gratitude,

M13 Partnership