M13: Redefining Venture

M13 supports founders with access to experienced operators, an in-house venture studio, and more.
By M13 Team

Last Updated: June 10, 2020

Published: March 16, 2020


At M13, we believe in supporting founders to turn great ideas into extraordinary companies.

Tremendous technological innovation and disruption have fundamentally changed how we live and work. What has not changed is the venture model responsible for these shifts. Traditional early-stage investors place “bets” and hope for a winner, remaining at a distance while founders figure out how to build and run businesses. Founding teams struggle with a lack of resources and breadth of knowledge while navigating early stages of growth—alone.

At M13, we provide our founding teams with the necessary capital, expertise, and resources to build and scale a business. We sit side by side with them, sharing vital resources necessary to fill key gaps and enable better decision-making. We do it with deep founder empathy. The result is the accelerated growth of businesses that deliver on their promise to consumers and catalyze changes in consumer behavior.

M13 employees sitting with a founder at a conference table in a meeting

We call M13 a venture engine because we designed our firm to support founding teams:


We offer not only funding to founding teams but also access to strategic guidance and partnerships in key disciplines such as acquisition, operations, product development, talent, brand, and data insights. This is such a priority that M13 has more full-time operating partners than investment partners. We are a team of former founders and operators with firsthand experience at global companies such as DigitalOcean, Virgin Group, and Procter & Gamble. We have been on this journey before, enabling us to spot what’s around the corner and share meaningful support just beyond a startup’s capabilities.


M13’s in-house venture studio develops the right founding teams, products, and practices to launch an idea from inception. Our Launchpad strategically engineers founding teams, couples up with mega-partners (corporate or private) who provide significant advantages such as IP or distribution, and supports founders’ core skills as they build with our structured founder curriculum.


It all starts with our fund. Our investment thesis is based on understanding where consumer behavior is going over the next decade (by 2030). We believe the definition of “consumer” is expanding and is driven by the disintermediating impact of technology that allows companies with technical or product-driven MOATs to connect directly to consumers.

Partners at M13

Ideas are a dime a dozen, and finding the money to turn these ideas into companies has never been easier. Today, the true difference comes down to who has access to the best talent, expertise, and resources—and who can most efficiently solve operational problems.

Just like the stars of the cluster M13, we believe that together we shine brighter. We believe that advancement is a team mission. Our proven approach to success will create more successful companies and demonstrate that when investors and founding teams are aligned on a venture together, they can redefine what’s possible. If there’s one universal truth we know, it’s that we’re brighter together.