Talitha Wright


As an Investing Research Assistant, I act as a central node to keep M13 running smoothly. That means everything from helping the investing team manage the flow of inbound and outbound opportunities, to putting together research on our portfolio companies.

“Is this a process that will work for us in six months?” How about a year? Five years? Ten? Because M13 is growing at such an exciting pace, one of the most important things I do is gut-check our processes to set M13 up to be the most successful version of ourselves in the long term.

The team is the best part of working at M13. Feeling like everyone is invested in the process including a lot of the little details that I manage makes the work feel especially rewarding.

Working with entrepreneurs is always energizing for me. Their passion and belief in changing the world for the better with the ideas they’re bringing to life make the work I do feel all the more meaningful, and I take pride in knowing that I’m part of something with the potential to leave a lasting impact.

At M13, we like to say “the whole is brighter than the sum of its parts.” All the value we’re able to create for our portfolio companies is made possible by the strength and camaraderie of the whole M13 tribe a whole lot of bright people working together.

The best advice I’ve ever gotten is “don’t be afraid to say no.” Especially for women, who are often encouraged to follow others’ lead: don’t be afraid to put your foot down, to know your worth, and to follow your own path. It’s inspiring to see the founders we work with live this mission every day.

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