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Shoes of Prey

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NextGen Venture Partners

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Cornell University

B.A., History

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The best marketing strategies and ideas come from diverse opinions and experiences.

Lizzie Francis


Great brands require even an even greater pool of talent, and I am privileged to have worked with so many innovative entrepreneurs, marketers, and technologists throughout my career as an operator and venture capitalist. I’m passionate about the intersection of fashion, retail, and technology, and am honored to have held CXO titles at some incredible companies, including Gilt Groupe and GOAT.

One of the best things about LA is its strong entrepreneurial ecosystem. We’re in this moment in time where we have more graduates with engineering degrees than any other area of the United States per capita. We have this influx of fantastic tech talent coupled with a proliferation of venture growth, which has resulted in a robust community that’s able to support the ideas that are forming every day in our ecosystem. It’s a great time for the LA venture community to broaden and diversify.

My passion for entrepreneurship and marketing has centered my operating career in launching and developing successful consumer brands. I love helping founders figure out how to create meaningful relationships with their customers through innovative go-to-market strategies. Founders can also look to me for help with growth marketing, brand positioning, or generally how to scale their operations from day one. These decisions have the power to help expose consumers to brands they haven’t known before, and I’m passionate about leveraging this expertise to help build and scale the next generation of household names.

As Head of Operations at M13, I help bring together our partners’ prowess and create codified systems to propel our founders’ businesses forward. I work with our leadership team to provide the resources and create the frameworks for our founding teams to achieve the goals they’re setting as a company. I also lead our Launchpad program, our in-house venture studio that develops the right people, products, and practices to launch an idea from inception. This program allows us to build scalable companies that have an impact on consumers’ lives while bringing a heightened level of accessibility to entrepreneurship. We’re really excited about our first partnership with P&G Ventures and look forward to expanding the program so we can bring more products that are really transforming consumer behavior to market.

I’m passionate about the work we’re doing to empower female entrepreneurs, leaders and women in venture. We have so many brilliant women in M13’s ecosystem, and I’m excited to be part of the alchemy that happens when talented women create, operate, build and define this generation of female-founded companies.

What M13 brings to the table is empathy. Because each of the partners have entrepreneurial experience, we understand what our founding teams are going through the late nights, the problem-solving, the never-ending to-do lists. We’ve been there before and we know how to best help them move forward. I’m excited to help our founders overcome complex obstacles while building impactful, successful brands along the way.


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