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BA Geography/Environmental Studies

Investors are given the opportunity to support the great ideas that have the potential to turn into paradigm shifts.

Jawhara Tariq

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My path to venture was non-traditional. I began my career working in nonprofits and philanthropy, where I spent my days trying to understand the systems that affect the average American’s access to the most basic necessities. I take these experiences with me as an investor at M13 and am looking for founders who are trying to change the world in ways that are equitable, accessible, and have effects on large populations.

Massive action is my guiding principle. There are so many of us who set out to achieve a goal only to soon realize all of the potential ways we can fail until we inevitably call it quits. Massive action is the idea that we must act consistently until our goals are met. By adopting this principle, every hindrance, roadblock, or shortcoming is embraced as a part of the massive action that is needed to achieve the final goal. This is the principle that makes the best entrepreneurs; these individuals have realized that every misstep is a part of the journey and that giving up is simply not an option.

Investors have a large responsibility. We are given the opportunity to support great ideas that have the potential to turn into paradigm shifts. I am looking for founders who are unstoppable forces; the entrepreneurs who have the audacity to dream up a world that looks, feels, and operates differently than the one we live in today.

M13 is about stars that shine brighter together. This is the perfect metaphor for the special community of investors, founders, and operators that have come together to build innovative solutions to some of the world’s largest problems.


Why Edtech Is Overdue for Reinvention

COVID-19 forced us all to adapt. Now it’s time for lasting innovation in education.

Jawhara Tariq


June 3, 2021

4 min read

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