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Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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Goldman Sachs’ Builders + Innovators

Top 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs

Columbia University

B.A., Economics and Business/Managerial Economics

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Telescope in one eye, microscope in the other.

Carter Reum


I’m obsessed with journeys alongside good human beings. Of all the things we’ve done and achieved, that’s been the best part of this entire process, for me.

After Courtney and I sold VeeV, we closed the chapter on what had been an 8 or 9 year journey—but we wanted to make sure that experience informed what we committed ourselves to next.

M13 came out of two major motivations. The first one was pretty simple intellectual curiosity. We wanted to be around the smartest people doing innovative things every day.

The second reason is that we wanted to give back—and we wanted to do it in a scalable way. Along the road of building VeeV, there were so many people who helped us and believed in us, but there were also so many things we needed to learn from scratch when really, they were repeatable processes, things we could have flown through if we’d had the right tools.

Sometimes, the small things are the big things. One text, one deal. No single decision truly moves the needle, but enough decisions, over enough time, compound to create a massive impact, starting the flywheel.

That’s what we’re here for. When you’re an entrepreneur, your to-do list is always going to be greater than your resources, and there are always going to be areas where you have blind spots, where you need more guidance. But when you have resources like our Propulsion team with productized knowledge and a dedicated operating team in your corner, that entire equation starts to look different.

We’re always challenging ourselves to think about how we can help entrepreneurs make better decisions, make fewer mistakes, and do it faster. Because speed is one of the biggest differentiators in today’s world you have to win, but you also have to do it quickly.

Why should every entrepreneur have to learn how to prepare for their first board meeting? It’s pretty simple. Here are some tools, here’s what the deck should look like, here are some best practices. By stepping in to help with these repeatable processes, we allow them to focus on the things that are unique to their business their product, their customer experience because doing those things better than anyone else is what’ll really set them apart.

Telescope in one eye, microscope in the other. There’s no substitution for being in the trenches and getting things done. But on the flipside, it’s also critical to make sure you’re picking your head up and looking at the bigger picture otherwise, you’re just waiting to get left behind.

Gratitude journaling, foraging the farmer’s market… I value anything that reminds me to make time for appreciation every now and then.

While there’s a total democratization of ideas, there’s not yet a democratization of execution, resources, and access to capital. That’s what we’re aiming to foster with all the arms of our venture engine, but especially with our Launchpad. By creating an infrastructure that empowers more kinds of people to take the leap and pursue their ideas, we’re working to level the playing field.


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