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Andrew Grone



Business Operations Manager

Dougherty & Co

Equity Research Analyst

Target Canada

Sr. Business Analyst

University of Wisconsin-Madison

B.B.A. Finance, Investments and Banking



Entrepreneurs have that little bit of crazy in them that makes them believe they can achieve what so many others perceive to be impossible.

Andrew Grone

Quotation Mark

The sacrifice of stability in favor of ambiguity. In my experience, that’s the number one thing that prevents people from embarking on an entrepreneurial venture and that’s what makes me so excited for the M13 Launchpad model.

While nothing can remove the ambiguity that surrounds a startup’s chances of success and in turn, a founder’s job security, our model helps maintain some level of structure by providing something unheard of for founders: a salary and benefits.

Yes, it takes a huge leap to start your own business— and the most successful entrepreneurs have that little bit of crazy that makes them believe they can achieve what others call impossible but that opportunity shouldn’t only be available to people with certain backgrounds and resources.

That’s the most rewarding part of the Launchpad experience, for me: Seeing the ways our unconventional setup makes entrepreneurship more accessible and inclusive.

My background has been a unique cocktail of operational, supply chain, finance, and strategy experience, but I believe my biggest value add stems from the variety of workplace cultures I’ve been a part of. From working at a massive company with one of the most respected corporate cultures (Target) to holding various roles at startups from 10-40 employees, I’ve learned abot problems and solutions big and small, and emerged armed with the skills to build a culture from the ground up.

I’m most passionate about helping founders achieve their passions. I’ve found that my entrepreneurial spirit and drive shine brightest when they’re used to help those around me.


Evolving the Venture Studio Model with PepsiCo

We’re looking for 12 Founders-in-Residence to develop and test product concepts in a 12-week program.

Anna Barber & Andrew Grone

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December 16, 2020

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Introducing Kindra: Normalizing & Modernizing Menopause

The DTC brand was created in partnership with M13’s Launchpad and Procter & Gamble Ventures.

Andrew Grone

Investment Updates

September 9, 2020

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An Accelerated Approach to Building with M13’s Launchpad

Our in-house venture studio offers daily strategic & operational guidance to fill gaps in founding teams.

Andrew Grone

Updates from M13

August 22, 2020

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