The Power of Neutral Thinking with Trevor Moawad

By minimizing negative thoughts, your mind becomes free to perform better.
By Lindsey Marlowe

Last Updated: June 8, 2021

Published: July 23, 2020

Moawad Consulting Group

Image courtesy of Moawad Consulting Group

Trevor Moawad has coached some of the world’s most impressive performers, helping them unlock their greatest potential through the power of neutral thinking and shifting into the right mindset. As a mental conditioning coach, Trevor has worked with a myriad of successful individuals, from Navy SEALs to CEOs to NFL stars (such as quarterback Russell Wilson). Trevor helps them build cognitive strength to better overcome obstacles lessons that can greatly benefit any startup founder facing surmounting pressure in the day-to-day operations of their young companies.

Recently our founding teams had a chance to hear from Trevor about the benefits of neutral thinking and how a simple shift in mindset can alter outcomes and contribute to success. Below are a few highlights and an overview of Trevor’s approach to adversity and performance.

There’s nobody that understands competitive nature and the mind in the midst of chaos better than Trevor. There are so many times where I have been able to visualize myself being in a situation and overcoming an obstacle. It’s all about being the calm of the storm in the crucial moments.

Russell Wilson via Sports Illustrated

Neutral thinking means accepting that when something good or bad happens, it happens. Instead of getting caught up in the negativity, you accept it for what it is and move on.

Positive thinking can actually be problematic because if something goes wrong, it has the potential to destroy that positive mindset. Trevor encourages athletes to stay in neutral because it means that their behavior, which they’ve drilled into their muscle memory, and not their feelings will dictate what happens next.

There is no data to support that being negative can improve your outcome, or make you better. By minimizing negative thoughts, your mind becomes free to perform better.

Use words wisely. Trevor believes that language is the carrier, and when you speak negative thoughts aloud, it can make those sentiments 10x more powerful than simply thinking them. However, we acknowledge that sometimes it’s necessary to release yourself of those thoughts in order to avoid carrying them around forever. We’d suggest limiting negative self-talk when possible, and leaning on a more neutral mindset to help avoid bad feelings.

Simplicity is key. Create narratives, frameworks, and stories to help you make simple points. This can be applied to founders who are shaping their pitches as well as organizational culture.

As a founder, embrace the day-to-day pressure you face because nothing good happens without some amount of pressure. Pressure inspires founders to innovate, develop, and grow. Embrace it.

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