On Moving Forward and Healing with Katie Couric

Deepak Chopra and Sheryl Crow share insights on creativity and motivation during the pandemic.

By Lindsey Marlowe

May 29, 2020



M13 recently produced the first episode of Katie Couric's new series, Wake-Up Call with Katie Couric. In this episode, Katie is joined by Deepak Chopra and Sheryl Crow to discuss mindfulness, gratitude, the COVID-19 crisis, and moving forward collectively—a discussion that’s more important now than ever before. The group shared their experiences during this unprecedented time and offered insights on how creative minds can make the most of the situation.

Sheryl has been spending quality, intentional time with her family during the pandemic. From gardening to managing screen time, there is a more conscious effort in her household to slow down.

Deepak has considered the pandemic a wake-up call for humankind, and a time to get in touch with our true selves. In a world in crisis, COVID-19 also brings forth a time of healing.

Quieting my mind has been necessary for creative evolution—because that's where you meet yourself.

Sheryl Crow

Sheryl shares that this moment has become an extension of meditation. In that time of meditation is the time in which one can meet oneself. Quieting one’s mind can bring forth inspiration from uninterrupted thinking. Taking the time to slow down and be intentional can help you to remember who you are, and not the mythology that you tell yourself. Katie adds that there is potential in moving forward in a more intentional way: to connect and create community.
If everything was predictable, there would be no creativity. There would be no imagination, no aspiration for anything.

Deepak Chopra

The group also chatted about self-reflection and being present. COVID-19 has presented creative minds with the opportunity to embrace the chaos and ambiguity of the current situation. Deepak points out that in the last hundred years, a multitude of great innovations have come out of times of crisis. Immersive technologies have emerged from economic depression, tragedy, and health crises. Shifting our awareness to the present and recognizing that the future is always unpredictable can help open people up to gratitude.
Busy has become a badge of honor. We're dependent on technology and not connecting. Community has dissolved. Let’s take this moment and move forward with what’s important.

Katie Couric

For more motivation in the midst of crisis, watch the full conversation for more insights from Katie, Sheryl, and Deepak.