Investing in Flexspace: A Network of Workspaces That Inspires Your Best Work

M13 is proud to lead the seed round of Flexspace, a network of decentralized on demand workspaces

May 19, 2022


M13 is proud to announce our lead investment in the $6M Seed round of Flexspace, a company that is addressing the ever changing workplace habits for companies and their employees across the country and the world.

Flexspace co-founders Eyal Lasker and Justin Law recognized the changing environment for modern employment that continues to focus on work life balance and flexibility in where and how people work. The reality is that companies are seeing higher job satisfaction and greater efficiency and contribution from their teams as they cater to individual working desires. Some employees like to go into a permanent office and others like to work from home, but more often than not, employees are looking for flexibility. So although offices exist, co-working spaces exist and work from home is more prevalent, the problem is that many employees want optionality day to day.

Flexspace addresses this need directly by activating a network of co-working spaces that employees can book for an hour or a day – without committing to a month to month or longer lease.

Spaces can be used for events, meetings or just a work desk: the flexibility is all in the hands of the individual at affordable prices. With this network in place, employers are also relieved of their burden of permanent space for all their employees, they can lease smaller spaces and allow employees to choose their daily work locations with no long term commitments or financial obligations in tow.

Flexspace has already established a large network of locations with a heavy concentration in New York City and aspirations to expand to other major cities in the US. Flexspace has recently released a corporate offering that includes calendar access to local workspaces for employees to directly book through existing work tools.

How Flexspace works

Flexspace User Interface
Source: Flexspace

Initial traction is strong and we are excited to see how the platform continues to be adopted across the market.

Thanks for including us in the journey into the future of work, Eyal and Justin.

Welcome to the M13 family!