Introducing Allocate: Expanding Access to Venture Capital Investing

Allocate’s digital platform makes it easy for wealth advisors and family offices to access and track investments into top venture funds.

We are thrilled to announce that M13 is leading Allocate’s $15.3M Series A alongside Bedrock and SignalFire, with participation from Intera Capital, Tusk Venture Partners, Urban Innovation Fund, Fika Ventures, Anthemis, Basis Set Ventures, and Broadhaven.

Allocate is a digital investment platform that provides investors with efficient ways to discover and invest in high quality venture capital funds, while also providing fund managers with a streamlined way to access the fragmented private wealth market.

Disrupting the Trillion Dollar Wealth Management Industry

At M13, we look for opportunities where technology can expand access and disrupt large asset classes. We believe the alternative investment market, especially the venture capital market, remains a sector ripe for innovation. While demand for venture products has grown, the most attractive investment opportunities are still primarily reserved for large institutional investors. The majority of the estimated 8,000-11,000 global family offices and nearly 20 million accredited investors are often locked out of the most promising emerging and established strategies due to high minimums, and difficulty of diligence and discovery.

Allocate has a two-sided value proposition that matches demand with rising supply while also helping GPs alleviate administrative growing pains. The investment dollars flowing into venture capital have increased dramatically over the last ten years, and we believe there will be continued demand from investment advisors, family offices and accredited investors for access to these returns.

Venture Funding Tops $100B in 2021

Allocate announcement asset: Venture Funding Tops $100B in 2021
Source: Pitchbook

How Allocate Works

The company’s platform works by automating product discovery, KYC and AML, subscription documents, capital calls, and investment management. As the platform aggregates investor demand into Allocate feeder vehicles, investors are able to invest in top opportunities at low minimums, enabling them to build diversified and responsible portfolios. Allocate also enables fund managers to efficiently access the $80T high-net worth market without the hassle of managing smaller checks or taking endless meetings.

Allocate’s clients to date have included wealth advisory firms, small institutions, and family offices. Allocate’s platform is specifically designed for wealth advisors to easily implement private technology-focused products through a full end to end experience that spans investment discovery, deal execution, and ongoing management.

Since launching the platform only six months ago, Allocate has onboarded more than 200 family offices and wealth advisory firms, and they have allocated over $125M to products listed on the Allocate platform. Allocate has more than 600 investors on its waitlist, which is now moving out of beta and actively onboarding clients.

To Samir, Hana, and the entire Allocate team: thank you for partnering with us, and we are excited to be on this journey together.

Welcome to the M13 family!