How Entrepreneurs Can Stay Inspired Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

Explore digital network opportunities, learn from other industries, and more.

Last Updated: October 7, 2020

Published: July 2, 2020


COVID-19 has presented entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity to focus and really get to work. However, staying motivated and inspired under these bizarre circumstances can feel incredibly challenging. Entrepreneurs thrive when connecting with peers, yet are now faced with the cold reality of social distancing.

While we adjust to the “new normal” that is the coronavirus pandemic, entrepreneurs must ask themselves: “Is there a way to make the most of this? How can we keep pushing forward?”

Right now there is a unique opportunity to force thinking outside the box. Some days, however, that box might be a bit too constricting. Seeking out inspiration can help bring forth those “voilà!” moments. So how can entrepreneurs stay inspired during COVID-19?

Explore digital networking opportunities

A silver lining to the challenges that COVID-19 has presented entrepreneurs is the significant increase in digital networking opportunities. There are some amazing companies who are facilitating these conversations, such as Lunchclub. Reach out to those whose advice you’d appreciate. Hearing other perspectives from those who are in the same situation could lead to motivation, and even new opportunities. A little conversation can go a long way, especially when it’s all we have right now.

Keep inspired with media on down days

During a pandemic, it can be difficult to find the motivation to keep moving forward. There are some days when it will be harder than others. On those down days, consider keeping yourself inspired with media like podcasts, TED Talks, audiobooks, and webinars.

While you’re recharging, having inspirational content playing in the background can help to spark some new ideas. The ideas that you may come up with while listening may just sit in your subconscious until you have a moment to think clearly. Hearing about others’ creativity and innovation can start to trigger thoughts of applying creative solutions in your own business.

Connect on social media

There are so many people at home sitting on their phones right now. Hop on social media and connect to others who you admire. These could be people in your industry or even adjacent to it. Engage with their content and reach out there’s no harm in a hello. Some entrepreneurs are even hopping on Instagram Live to chat through changes that COVID-19 is making in their business, how they’re contributing to their community, and so on.

Consume media outside your industry

Many entrepreneurs who are focused on educating themselves can run into the problem of overconsumption. Consuming media outside your comfort zone can help stave off this repetitive feeling. When you look at what other industries are doing, it can change the way you look at operating within your own. Applying techniques from other industries to your own niche can foster creative solutions for your business.

Remember: Small steps are still steps

At the end of the day, small steps are still steps. Though inspiration and motivation can feel like difficult feats right now, the most important thing to remember is not to come to a complete halt. If you are focused on moving forward, it doesn’t matter how slow you’re moving.

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