Sequoia Blodgett


No one is successful alone.

  • Black Enterprise (Tech Editor)
  • Commas, Entrepreneur Resource Platform (Founder)
  • Draper University (Entrepreneur-in-Residence)
  • 7AM, Wellness Platform (Founder)
  • Varies (Director, Producer, Editor)
  • Loyola Marymount University (BA)

Tim Draper once told me that “failure is essential to learning.” The failures I’ve experienced in my own entrepreneurial journey helped me reach great successes and evolve from entrepreneur to intraprenuer. Now, I get to watch others grow in their own knowledge, skill sets and expertise. Each setback is a learning point, and each breakthrough is a new milestone that extends past their businesses into their everyday lives. 

I want to live in a world where there is equal opportunity across the board. Technology is a powerful thing, and I believe that by creating digital platforms and content that assist others in becoming the best versions of themselves, we’re working to build a kinder, more equitable future.

M13 understands the value of working as a team. By uniting a group of people with such incredible talent, they have uniquely positioned themselves to interact with the best of the best. I’m excited to be part of a company that brings world-class expertise to every opportunity and conversation.

Get in the habit of journaling. It brings clarity both to yourself and the complex business decisions you’ll face down the road. The most exceptional founders I’ve met are those who practice mindfulness, take feedback well, and iterate. Those are the things that set you up to win.

What I’m Currently Building