Rosemary Belden


Prioritize building a team with diverse perspectives.

  • Zume Inc. (Manager of Executive Recruiting)
  • Frederickson Partners (Vice President of Executive Recruiting)
  • Oracle (Enterprise Account Manager) 
  • University of California, Berkeley (B.A. Development Studies)

I love connecting people to jobs that empower them. The result? Businesses and employees that achieve their greatest potential. As the first recruiter at Zume, I helped build the function from the ground up. Leading the executive recruiting team, we scaled from 150 to 650 in a year. This was a transformative time as I was able to set the bar for attracting and hiring talent and enable the business to achieve its goals by onboarding critical leaders.

I believe that getting the right talent in the correct roles is one of the most critical parts of building a business. I’ve seen the repercussions of making a bad hire, and that cost can be exponentially early in an organization’s inspection. There is extraordinary value in implementing tools and processes to assess, select, and hire leaders across the organization.

I joined M13 to help both the firm and our portfolio companies build the mechanisms to hire and retain amazing talent. I am passionate about building scalable, effective data-driven hiring processes. Having advised clients spanning from series A to Fortune 500 on talent strategy, HR organizational design, and technology infrastructure, I am uniquely equipped to empower teams to excel at hiring and retaining talent.

When building a team, great leaders surround themselves with diverse thoughts and experiences. There are a handful of key qualities that make exceptional leaders–– I believe The CEO Next Door said it well. “They are decisive. They are relentlessly reliable. They adapt boldly, and they engage with stakeholders without shying away from conflict.” Once you get the right leader the next most important decision is the team you build around them. What makes teams and companies successful is ensuring that there isn’t just one way of thinking. If there is, it is easy to miss opportunities and make major mistakes.