Marie Sokolovsky


The reason I joined the M13 team is just two words: Karl. Alomar. I had been supporting Karl at DigitalOcean for 5 years and have loved working together. I believe in his vision and his people-first method of being at the helm of organizations, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity to continue working together.

The focus on community at M13 resonates with me. The idea that we are stronger together than the sum of our individual strengths is humbling, and makes me approach situations with care and respect.

Working at DigitalOcean, with a group of people who were nothing short of extraordinary, was a transformative experience for me, both professionally and personally. It was there that I first experienced working with people who genuinely cared about my personal and professional development. Working at DigitalOcean was like coming to work with a big group of your smartest, most supportive and interesting friends, and getting to grow and learn together every day.

Being a part of DigitalOcean from the early days taught me so much about how to support others and be a part of a team that’s all pulling in the same direction.

Growing a company from 30 to ~500 is no easy task, and it was an honor to be part of such an amazing team. Together, we planned and executed countless events to foster connection within our growing organization, and we were often credited with being the differentiating factor that made our company a great place to work. I’m excited to do the same at M13!