I’m an astronaut, and so are you.


  • M13 (Mascot, Culture Keeper, Rocketship Navigator)
  • Your Startup (Biggest Fan)
  • Ever-Changing Business Landscape (Lifelong Student)
  • Status Quo (Drop-out)



M13 is all about doing things differently, and so am I.

I’m not just one thing—sure, I’m an astronaut, a big thinker, and a leap taker, but most importantly, I’m also a founder. And I represent every single one of the diverse and amazing entrepreneurs who make the M13 universe shine so brightly.

I’m inspired by this huge world we live in—but instead of just finding a place to fit in, I asked myself how things could be even better. Then, I took a shot at making them so. And instead of just seeking out all the answers, I found a team that also encouraged me to ask the right questions.

That’s how I ended up at M13. The team supports my ideas, and also challenges me to ask how I can keep making them better. They’ve got crazy-experienced team members who are always willing to make the time for me and my mission. They’ve all been through this journey before.  And they help me anticipate what I need to do next (and why) , with resources and playbooks to let me focus on what I do best and our unique differentiators. Most of all, I think they see a little of themselves in me—because many of them were (or still are) entrepreneurs, too.

I guess what I’m saying is, when it comes to my mission, there’s no one else I’d rather have running ground control.