Lindsey Marlowe


You have to get uncomfortable to be comfortable.

  • Marlowe Media (Founder & Creative Director)
  • University of California, Riverside (B.A., English Literature and Language)
  • California State University Northridge (M.A., Mass Communications & Journalism)

After spending more than 2 years pouring every ounce of energy, heart, passion and drive into my agency, Marlowe Media, I realized I wanted a change. I loved what I did, but I also know that life is about constantly evolving, learning, and building, and I was ready to start my next chapter as part of a team. With its passion for entrepreneurs and my entrepreneurial spirit, I knew M13 was just the place to do it.

One part of the M13 ethos that really resonates with me is our attitude toward founders. I love how M13 values entrepreneurs and understands them (because, like me, many members of the team have firsthand experience starting a business). This gives us a unique empathy towards founders starting their companies.

Building my own company gave me insight on the importance of doing things both right and with speed. The objective is always quality—but you have to balance that with ensuring you’re moving quickly in everything you do. That ability to “hustle smart” and be scrappy has given me a powerful perspective in my role at M13.

As a brand manager, I’m able to help define and shape evolving brands—both M13’s own brand and those of our portfolio companies—and I’ve seen firsthand the scope of impact that branding can have.

One of the biggest ways that a brand comes to life, in this day and age, is through social media. At M13, I’ve been responsible for growing one of our portfolio companies’ Instagram accounts 1354% (to 500K followers) and helped that brand reach over 12.5 million users through our influencer collaborations and activations.

In my experience, the most exceptional founders are driven. Motivated. Unique. And— maybe most importantly—they’re capable of rolling with the punches when things don’t always happen the exact way they planned…because they never do.

You have to get uncomfortable to be comfortable.

There are so many highs and so many lows to starting your own company, but every single one is a learning lesson. I think one of the biggest lessons is patience. Things will never happen overnight. Trust the process, because in 12 months, you’ll be in a very different place than you expected to be when you first started—and that’s ok.

Try to accomplish one thing that will help progress the trajectory of your business every day. It can be as simple and small as sending an email, but do what you can to always be moving forward.