Melissa van Kluyve


Clocktower Technology Ventures

Head of Platform

Deloitte Ventures

Go-to-Market Lead


Senior Consultant

Regent's University London


Why I joined M13: Having worked in venture for over five years before joining M13, both with an incubator and a fund, I knew I wanted to stay in VC. I love working alongside the unbelievable people building the next big thing. Having worked primarily in retail tech and fintech, I realized that I’m most drawn to consumer-facing businesses so the consumer tech nature of the M13 portfolio is very intriguing to me.

How I found my way into venture capital: I started my career as a new graduate with Deloitte Consulting in London, working primarily in analytics. This experience provided a strong technical foundation and incredible exposure to a wide variety of industries and C-suite business challenges. Ultimately, I knew I wanted to move my career into a more strategic and operational domain. My time at Deloitte Ventures offered that and so much more. Working with the incubator was a catalyst into venture capital, a world that would completely entice me and lay the foundation for my future career.

Why I believe in the power of community: It takes a village to build something great—whether that’s at a venture capital firm or a venture-backed startup. I'm a strong believer in relationships first, business second. This ethos has served me well in my career. It’s important to cultivate your network. Opportunities can turn up in the least expected places.

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