Carly Lucas


Leo Burnett

Junior Art Director

University of Michigan

B.F.A., Art & Design

Why I joined M13: As a recent college graduate who is just starting out, I’m eager to develop my experience and skills in a diverse, fast-paced environment. Within the brand and communications team, we have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects that support M13’s community of founders and investors. There are so many moving parts, and each day brings new challenges to tackle, which I find very exciting and rewarding.

Why storytelling matters: I’m most passionate about the intersection between branding and storytelling. The most powerful narratives are those driven by authentic human experiences. Storytelling is one of the most crucial elements in branding and communication because it enables products and services to have a voice and personality. The ways in which we create and build narratives contribute to accessibility and representation. I aspire to focus on the connections between branding and storytelling to build an innovative consumer landscape where diverse experiences, learnings, and solutions are represented.

My favorite M13 value: Community—From my very first day, I was welcomed with open arms. With our team spread across the country, M13 does a great job of providing a sense of community in the digital workspace.

A daily habit that inspires me: My mental health is a top priority, and I’m able to maintain my well-being because of my daily habits. One habit that everyone should incorporate into their daily routine is taking moments to express gratitude. With all that’s going on in the world, it’s easy to get lost in the noise and lose a sense of direction and purpose. Grounding myself with expressions of gratitude has allowed me to realign my priorities and focus my energy on what I can control and accomplish.

How I rest and recharge: I’m a self-proclaimed foodie so on weekends, you can find me trying a new restaurant or experimenting in the kitchen with a new recipe. Outside of wining and dining with friends, you can find me on a run around the neighborhood or aimlessly wandering the aisles of Target.

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