Investing in Tarform: Premium Design Brought to EV Motorbikes

Tarform is leading the future of mobility with beautiful design and clean technology.

March 16, 2020



As an early executive at DigitalOcean, I learned firsthand just how valuable a focus on elegant design and irresistible user experience can be in building a successful brand and company. When I first met the founding team at Tarform, I experienced that same impact when Taras and JC revealed what they were creating.

Tarform’s mission is to lead the future of mobility by developing vehicles based on design, sustainability, and technology that empowers the human experience. And they are doing that through beautiful and innovative design, and building some of the most spectacular electric motorcycles I have ever seen. Don’t just take my word for it—take a look.

Having just joined M13, I’m incredibly excited to make this investment with Tarform. They represent the best of the founders we hope to support—brilliant, tenacious, and utterly committed to making a mark on the world for the better.

They have already created the most beautiful vehicles, but they plan to continue bringing a focus on design and user experience to clean tech as they develop a portfolio of premium consumer offerings. As their brand vision extends beyond electrical motorcycles, Tarform will develop products with aesthetics, ecology, and technology as core principles—products that awake emotion through beauty and adventure, using technology to empower and provoke all senses.

I’m so happy to welcome them to the M13 portfolio, and beyond thrilled to be working with the founding team and be part of their journey ahead.