Influencer Marketing is on Track to be a $15B Industry by 2022

These five resources for influencer marketing can help you track data and build relationships.
By M13 Team

Last Updated: October 7, 2020

Published: March 12, 2020


Influencer marketing is on track to be a $15B industry by 2022—yet many founders admit to feeling uncertain about whether or not to invest due to challenges in tracking ROI or lack of resources for finding the right influencers and managing those relationships.

Enter five influencer marketing resources we’ve vetted (and love!) that can help solve these issues.

  • Influential is an AI influencer technology firm that takes a data-driven approach to measure campaign performance, providing sophisticated metrics like return on ad spend and sales lift.  
  • Social Native is all about quality, so no need to worry if the influencers you work with will provide content you can actually use. Work with professional content creators who have strong social followings for the best of both worlds—stunning photos and reach—all from their centralized technology platform.
  • Ditch expensive photoshoots and generic stock photography with Foap, which gives you access to 3 million content creators who will generate customized videos and images exclusively for your brand.
  • Statusphere prioritizes influencers’ engagement over followers, ensuring your brand gets in front of thousands of potential customers who make real buying decisions. They’re also a perfect option for the founder on a budget.
  • LMS is a 360 influencer marketing resource, helping with everything from celebrity partnerships to experiential activations.

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