Build your own learning experience: M13’s Entrepreneur in Residence Program

M13 introduces its EIR program, which creates flexible space and growth opportunities in a VC setting for entrepreneurs inbetween startups.

Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR) programs have always been a standard part of venture capital: the typical program is a solution that engages strong executives who are between opportunities to benefit from their expertise in the short term and ultimately securing them within an existing or new portfolio company.

As former founders and operators, we build M13 programs with the founder at the heart. So in building our own EIR program, we designed it to be able to work with founders we love who are between opportunities and to build something truly impactful that results in a winning scenario for everyone.

M13 has always taken a unique and disruptive approach to venture; from the start we invested significant resources to operate alongside our portfolio companies and truly partner with them as they face challenges and opportunities in their growth. The results are a special bond with our founders that lets us work side-by-side with them on the most meaningful projects for their business. Through our EIR program, we are giving founders a home as they ideate and create their next businesses, and M13 is uniquely suited to do that through our three pillar operating structure.


Investing: the standard VC function that centers around identifying and building our core investment portfolio.


Propulsion: where we focus on delivering world-class operational support and knowledge to be shared with our portfolio companies.


Launchpad: where we ideate new businesses in white spaces where we feel no company is solving a need and we can back a new founding team to go after the category.

Our EIR program is designed to engage a founder across these three pillars, each providing its own unique learning and benefits. Here’s how it might work for you.


Help identify great early-stage companies to build M13’s core investment portfolio.

What you’ll do:
Work closely with our core investment team to share deal flow, help source and diligence opportunities that align with your skill set and expertise. Connect with founders to share your experience and help them understand what it’s like to partner with M13.

What’s in it for you:
When operating a business, a founder can often find themselves stuck with tunnel vision. By actively participating in the investing practice, you will gain a unique education and insight on where the market is going and where white spaces might exist. This is a core ingredient to ideate your next business within the program.

What’s in it for M13:
Founders come with unique skill sets often specialized in key areas of knowledge. We benefit from your founder perspective in companies that we review for investment.


Deliver world-class operational support and knowledge to be shared with our portfolio companies.

What you’ll do:
Share your founder journey as a coach/mentor/advisor. You’ll be an expert resource to our existing portfolio companies - especially those at the earliest stages – to help them get smarter more quickly around how they can improve their operational expertise.

What’s in it for you:
As operators ourselves, we recognize that nothing helps more than leaning on experiences, solving problems and taking advantage of opportunities. As EIR’s, you will have the opportunity to see an abundance of cases in our portfolio that feed your experience set and hopefully will better prepare you for the eventualities that you might face in future businesses.

What’s in it for M13:
Our portfolio founders are generally collaborative and, as they face critical points in their journey, will take advantage of knowledge and skill sets from trusted supporters like M13. Our EIRs wide range of expertise gives our portfolio companies resources to lean on as they grow.


Develop and launch your next company.

What you’ll do:
We want to invest in you! We’d like the first look at new businesses you have - and you’ll work with our launchpad/propulsion team to support ideation.

What’s in it for you:
Founders in our EIR program are generally looking to start your next business so the most critical component of the program is based around how we support you to ideate and learn in an open environment. We give you time to focus on ideation and also provide clear category and industry data that helps inform you on where to focus and where investment dollars are looking. Beyond that, if you decide to launch your business within Launchpad, M13 will provide the support mechanisms and thought partnership to develop and launch the company.

What’s in it for M13:
M13 loves to innovate and is always looking to back great founders building new businesses. If we are successful in our Launchpad efforts, then we hope to establish great investment opportunities with a hand selected partnership of founders attached.

Who is the ideal M13 EIR?

As a talent-first organization, we start by looking for amazing humans and then find the right way to leverage their strengths. This is no different.

Some of the experiences we think would be most useful in a former founder or early stage start-up leader are:

You have deep subject matter expertise in one of the following areas: technology & engineering, product design & development, go to market strategy and growth.

You are thinking about your “next big thing” and want to stay active in the venture community.

What personal characteristics would make an M13 EIR successful?

Entrepreneurial instinct: you love to build and look forward to creating something game-changing in the future. You’re excited to work with early stage companies and get things done smartly.

Growth mindset: you enjoy helping others get better from your insights and experience. Equally, you are open to development and looking forward to learning from our teams as much as they learn from you.

Comfortable with uncertainty: this role has the potential to adapt to your interests and areas of strength and expertise. As such, it’s fairly unstructured. Given that you are comfortable with ambiguity, you are able to make decisions in the face of limited information and easily adapt to continuously shifting priorities.

M13’s EIR program is an open-ended program that we will deploy opportunistically as needed. We are always looking to connect with world-class talent, and we’ll create great opportunities for them as they enter our orbit. Introduce yourself to us below.