An Accelerated Approach to Building with M13’s Launchpad

Our in-house venture studio offers strategic and operational guidance to fill gaps in founding teams.

August 22, 2020



M13's Launchpad is our in-house venture studio, where we develop concepts with strategic partners alongside a curated founding team to build scalable companies that have the potential to make a significant impact on consumers’ lives. Check out how Launchpad works in the video below.

M13’s Launchpad opens the door to entrepreneurship—making founders out of those who may not have otherwise had access to these opportunities. At its core, the Launchpad infuses unfair advantages into every concept we bring to market. With daily strategic and operational guidance, we fill inevitable gaps in founding teams. Deploying our testing and validation process, we both accelerate and increase the likelihood and magnitude of success for our companies. These components come together in varying ways, affording a unique variety of opportunities for potential Launchpad founders. 

This last year, we launched three direct to consumer companies alongside our strategic partner, Procter & Gamble Ventures. 

  1. Kindra, a platform offering physical and digital solutions to millions of women in Menopause
  2. Bodewell, a groundbreaking solution for those suffering from chronic skin conditions, offering a daily cream to help end the cycle of flare, treat, repeat
  3. Opte, a revolutionary skincare device creating a new category at the intersection of technology and beauty

    Whether it’s to utilize market-ready IP for speed to market or develop a concept from scratch, our Launchpad founders gain access to co-founders, partnerships, strategic and operational support, funding, and more. Harnessing our community of entrepreneurial talent and the M13 Propulsion Platform with its internal team of elite operators, we’re building the next generation of great consumer tech companies. 

And on that note, we're excited to announce the newest opportunity in M13’s Launchpad!

Linia is a new kind of CBD experience—one that brings relief, not confusion. Linia came to life through incredible partnerships with CBD, CPG, and branding experts—our next founder will have access to a thoughtfully designed brand and a suite of developed products, with daily executional and strategic support as part of M13’s Launchpad.

If you're passionate about the potential for CBD remedies, the growth of the CBD market, and the opportunity to build from the ground up, we encourage you to review the application below and get in touch.

Join our journey as CEO & Co-Founder of Linia