A Letter to Our New M13 Partner

Here’s what we’re looking for in our newest operating partner.

Last Updated: May 18, 2020

Published: March 16, 2020


Dear aspiring Partner,

You’re probably reading this because a reliable friend—maybe even one of us!—mentioned that M13 is actively seeking an operating partner to join M13’s Los Angeles office. We are indeed adding another amazing human to the leadership team to complement our skill set and diversify our group. In hopes that you get to know us better, here’s a recap of our astonishing year and we’re are looking for in our newest operating partner.

2019 has been a year of transformational progress, thanks to M13’s constellation of founding teams, partners, colleagues, and investors. In January, a handful of us moved into an unassuming Santa Monica bungalow just off the I-10 with big dreams and even bigger expectations (all of them self-inflicted!). Since then, we have raised nearly $200 million for our new consumer tech fund and nearly doubled our team size with 20-plus talented people across LA, SF, and NYC.

If you’re reading this, you likely know about M13’s track record (over 80 investments, 16 exits, $137 billion in enterprise value) and our impressive investors. You may be a loyal customer of some of our brands and know that our companies are already changing consumer behavior. You may also know that more than 40% of M13’s current portfolio companies have female founding teams.

But as much as you’re driven to deliver results, you know these numbers aren’t the full M13 story.

The M13 venture model is inspired by excellence and by our experiences as former founders and operators, having navigated paths that feel at once uncharted and well-traveled. As thrilling and rewarding as startup life is, it can also be lonely and frustrating—and we know that it doesn’t have to be this way.

We hear from our founding teams that we help them stay focused on building successful, sustainable companies. And that’s by design. M13 has more operating partners than investment partners. We run alongside—and just ahead of—our companies, going above and beyond with our playbook, our network, our strategic and proactive guidance, and our friendship. This frees up our founding teams to focus their time and capital on what they love: building products and services that positively transform consumer lives. As former operators, we know the value of having that earned empathy and experience from your investors.

As the newest Operating Partner to join the M13 team in Los Angeles, you are a former founder or operator with senior leadership capabilities and experience scaling high-growth companies from the earliest stage.

While we don’t believe in a check-the-box approach to hiring partners and colleagues, you’re the ideal person because, like the rest of us, you love to help incubate and develop founding teams. Your deep digital product and marketing experience complements the work of our existing team. Your passion for working with early-stage teams is balanced with a maturity and ability to collaborate with our corporate partners.

Like us, you’re inspired by the entrepreneur’s grind and want to roll up your sleeves and make an immediate impact. You’re excited to manage and coach the rising stars of our Los Angeles office, apply your digital product experience to help our startups build sustainable companies, and lead collaborations with our corporate partners. Above all else, you’re excited to serve as an extraordinary colleague and mentor.

You don’t often hear the word love in venture, but you’re not afraid to say it and neither are we. Life is not about picking winners: it’s about loving the work you do to help make winners alongside inspiring, driven colleagues.

We want to know how you would make an immediate impact by helping our founding teams be and do better, faster. If you are inspired to share your thoughts or have suggestions or questions, please reach out to Matt, Partner and Head of Talent, at talent@m13.co.

We can’t wait to meet you!

With gratitude,

Carter, Co-founder & Partner

To formally apply, click here.