A Letter to M13’s New Launchpad Partner

The ideal candidate will take our in-house venture studio to new heights.

Last Updated: October 7, 2020

Published: September 17, 2020


M13 is looking to add another amazing individual to our venture firm’s leadership team. Learn more and apply below.

Dear Newest Partner,

It’s not often that M13 starts a search for a Partner. We have 10 talented experts in their field, who on a daily basis provide incredible value to our portfolio companies in their related disciplines. We started our search for you, our newest Partner, because we have made such promising progress testing ideas and incubating new companies in our in-house venture studio Launchpad that the next natural step is to expand it—with your leadership.

As a venture engine, M13 is obsessed with the future of consumer behavior. Many consumer white spaces excite us, so while M13 invests in seed to series A companies and supports them with M13’s Propulsion, it’s in Launchpad—our in-house venture studio—where we get to creatively and quickly test consumer behavior ideas and match them with entrepreneurs in our community seeking to build enduring companies. We do this both independently and with corporate partners such as P&GV.

Launchpad has had a big year. Rae Wellness has bloomed from an idea that got tested in Launchpad into an impactful women’s wellness line available today at Target and Urban Outfitters.

Through our P&GV partnership, we launched three companies: our menopause company Kindra, skincare company Bodewell, and premium beauty tech company OPTE.

What these companies share are effective products and the ability to foster direct and meaningful relationships with customers with unmet needs. We’re thrilled with the progress that our founding teams have made in such a short period of time. This incredible momentum has opened up opportunities for even more founding teams and partnerships—and that’s why we are seeking you, our Launchpad Partner. 

Before we welcome you on your first day with us, let’s get you up to speed on why your attributes and background make you the ideal Partner to expand M13’s Launchpad.

You get what makes Launchpad different from other incubators. In a time of great risk and uncertainty, M13’s community and Propulsion platform have enabled entrepreneurs and founding teams to accelerate their growth. As a former founder, CEO, or operator with experience in a leadership team, you know that no matter why an entrepreneur wants to start a business or how many times they’ve done this before, they all need help. Launchpad companies save time and money by working directly with our experienced domain experts, called Propulsion partners. Launchpad founders first work with our Talent Partner Matt Hoffman, who has developed an accelerated and experiential way to match complementary founders into teams to lead Launchpad companies. Our Marketing Partner Lizzie Francis then helps companies build customer acquisition strategies, and the rest of the Propulsion team helps throughout early-stage growth with planning, partnerships, fundraising, and everything in between. Your experience building programmatic and scalable incubator programs will expand on what we have started and make Launchpad even more useful in the early-growth stage. There are many incubators and studios out there, but like everything M13 builds, we believe ours has the potential to be significantly differentiated. Your vision, passion, and expertise will help make that happen.

You know how to foster effective corporate venture partnerships. You have a successful track record of working with both early-stage teams and corporate partners. Launchpad’s first companies were launched in partnership with P&GV. We sought a partnership with complementary strengths: P&GV came with rigorous R&D and tested products, and M13 accessed our vibrant talent pipeline and matching approach to form teams who got strategic and operational guidance and a playbook for accelerating community growth through direct relationships with customers. Our community is ready to be activated across all our entrepreneurs, and there are countless partners big and small, corporate, and entrepreneurial who want to partner with us. You enjoy bringing out the best complementary attributes of each partner to ensure the success of our Launchpad companies. With each partnership that you nurture, M13’s Launchpad will be the nexus for brand and product innovation.

You have the ability to build Launchpad’s flywheel to help more founders and companies thrive. These are early days for our companies but a ripple effect of our work is a scalable approach that benefits even more entrepreneurs. Your firsthand understanding of how to support founding teams in the early stages as they grow from $0 to $10 million will help them take advantage of opportunities and avoid unnecessary pitfalls—and create a playbook that gets more robust and useful to the next cohort of founders. An expanded Launchpad program requires your deep organizational, programmatic, and curriculum expertise that ensures that every team that joins us gets the same experience and access to our unparalleled knowledge and talent community.

You share our vision that we can build enduring companies by being brighter together. You’re a true colleague who wants to work with M13 to build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive entrepreneurial community. You put our M13 partnership first and will help the entire organization solidify a foundation for an enduring venture model. Your empathy and humility enable you to relate to our founders and stay a constant learner. In a time of tremendous uncertainty, you share our excitement to reimagine what’s possible and our commitment to putting in the hard work to open access to opportunities within our sector.

You can’t wait to get started—and have ideas. We’d like to hear them. You already know about our fantastic portfolio of consumer tech companies, track record (over 80 investments, 16 exits, $137 billion in enterprise value), and our impressive community of talent and investors. But what excites you most about joining M13 as our Launchpad Partner is the opportunity to make an impact. You want to hit the ground running and help great founding teams positively impact consumer lives. You are ready to contribute as an extraordinary colleague and mentor.

How do you plan to expand Launchpad so that even more founding teams and partnerships participate in building enduring companies of the future? Share your ideas or ask questions; please reach out to Matt, Partner and Head of Talent, at talent@m13.co. And apply here.

We can’t wait for your Day One, Launchpad Partner!

With gratitude,

The Launchpad team